Idioms about Agreement and Disagreement

Idioms are phrases and expressions that add color and flavor to the English language. They are not to be taken literally, but they help convey meaning that goes beyond the words themselves. In this article, we will explore idioms about agreement and disagreement that you can use to add spice to your writing.

Agreement Idioms

1. On the same page: When two or more people are in agreement, they are said to be on the same page. This idiom is often used in business settings to ensure that everyone is working towards the same goal.

Example: „I think we`re all on the same page about the new project. Let`s get to work!”

2. Singing from the same hymn sheet: Similar to being on the same page, this idiom means that everyone is in agreement and working towards the same goal.

Example: „It`s great to see everyone singing from the same hymn sheet. We`re going to make this project a success!”

3. We`re of one mind: This is another way of saying that everyone agrees on something.

Example: „We`re of one mind when it comes to the budget for this project. Let`s stick to our plan.”

Disagreement Idioms

1. Agree to disagree: This is a polite way of saying that two or more people do not share the same opinion or view on a subject.

Example: „We disagree on the best way to handle this situation, but let`s agree to disagree and move on.”

2. To each their own: When someone disagrees with your opinion, you can use this idiom to politely say that everyone is entitled to their own views and preferences.

Example: „I don`t agree with your taste in music, but to each their own.”

3. Let`s leave it at that: This is a way of ending a conversation or discussion when two or more people can`t reach an agreement.

Example: „We`ve discussed this issue at length, and we still can`t agree. Let`s leave it at that and move onto the next topic.”

In conclusion, idioms are a fun and easy way to add personality and style to your writing. These idioms about agreement and disagreement can help you express your thoughts in a more colorful and interesting way. So, go ahead and try them out in your next piece of writing.